While waiting for the construction approval and loan to be confirmed we were invited to go and see a Warmtone machine by Viryl Technologies at work in Portsmouth. This one is fully automatic and has lots of sensors and is even connected to the internet for monitoring. So in September 2015 we took the car onto the ferry to Portsmouth, England and witnessed that machine starting up after a few days of downtime (maintenance) and it need only one imperfect vinyl to get everything straight. The vinyls were coming out fast and everyone was just watching. No hands needed here. We were very impressed by the efficiency of this machine and started to think if this wasn't the better option. This is what modern pressing looks like!

The nice people from Viryl Technologies told us they were installing one of their machine at Third Man Pressing in Detroit. That factory started with Newbilt presses only. And guess what, in exactly one month we were going to be in Vermont for dunk!USA. Perfect opportunity to stick around and pay a visit to Third Man Pressing.